As the name indicates, business visa is for those individuals who have to travel abroad for business-related purposes every now and then. Business visas may be valid for 3 months to 1 year or more with single or multiple entries. Infinity Worldwide Consultants can assist you in evaluating your options and apply for a suitable business visa which gives you the greatest opportunity to conduct your entrepreneurial affairs.

Business visas are an ideal choice for you if you are:

  • Conducting client meetings
  • Going on-site
  • Attending conferences
  • Closing business deals

Documents Required to apply for a Business Visa

Yet again, the complete list of documents required would depend on the nation you are visiting. Still, here’s a basic checklist for the unversed:

  • Valid passport
  • Academic Credentials
  • Business and professional credentials
  • Accommodation and flight details
  • Proof of adequate financial resources
  • Proof of your willingness to return to your home upon the completion of your business visit
  • Medical certificates/Insurance certificates
  • Signed application form and enclosed fee

Infinity Worldwide has a dedicated team of consultants who look after business visas only. Hence, you can always expect a shorter turnaround time from us.

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